You Are Invited

Sketch for dialogue project for print and web

There are so many things in this country - this culture, this life - that we talk about only with people who share our same viewpoints, or avoid talking about altogether. I attend a lot of meetings and conferences at which social justice and social change are the pretext for presentations and dialogues on a variety of topics. Lately, as the initial invigoration of a moving speaker or a connective conversation begins to wane, another feeling creeps over me: Who isn't having this conversation (or ones like it)? And, What conversations (that would help me to learn and grow) am I not having?

This project is as much an invitation to myself as it is to others. I want to get better at having these difficult conversations and to help others feel better able to have them, too.

I'm currently pulling together ideas for how to develop this further, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to accept or share the invitation.