The Utility Pole Project

Public Interventions
2000 - Present (Ongoing)

Original and found poster bits, recycled staples plucked from utility poles

This project was inspired by my interest in exploring the common ground - in message and in aesthetic - shared by decaying religious frescoes and the poster art detritus that clings to Seattle's utility poles. It was also intended as a message about collective, public communication. I initially referred to the project as "urban roots communication," trying to capture the accessibility of postering as a form of community-based communication (and sometimes dialogue, in the case of posters that get replies) in places where there's more concrete than grass.

In 2000, when I began the project, the poster ban was still in effect, making it illegal to use this basic form of free, public communication. I sought out permission from the City Light Pole Master to work on poles and was questioned by many as I slowly built the images on site. In more recent years, I have worked on poles without so much as a question from anyone passing by.

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