The work of diversity, inclusion, equity, justice and healing is creative work. It's about transformation. We must imagine and create the world that we want and need for ourselves, our colleagues and our communities.

I approach my work as a creative process: I am always learning, always deepening my practice through the relationships and experiences I have with my community, collaborators, clients, friends and neighbors. And as a spiritual process that asks me to pause, be present, feel and reflect. I root myself in my identities and the cultures, traditions and ancestors to which I owe gratitude -- mother, artist, Jew, daughter of a Venezuelan immigrant.

2017 has been a year of amazing growth for me personally and in my work. I've partnered with an outstanding mix of clients from the non-profit, government and for-profit sectors. I've collaborated with an ever-growing group of talented consultants who are out there cultivating positive change across the country. And I've integrated coaching on interpersonal and organizational strategy as a service for organizational leaders. In 2018, I will be revamping my website to include more information on what I offer as a facilitator, trainer, strategist, coach and collaborator with other consultants.

For now, to read about my work and some of the ways I support groups and organizations, you can download my CV. If you'd like to learn more about my approach, my collaborators and what we might do together, please send me an email so we can set a time to talk by phone or meet in person.