Para Llevar/Para Volver

Para llevar: They're yours to carry out. How will you hold and capture them?
Para volver: How will you release them, giving them a new return?

Massive and infinitesimal, my collection is as heavy with sentiment and touch as it is empty of monetary value. I feed it with gilded found plastics and lobster antennae, with figs hardened in an August windowsill. I arrange, I cut. I glue, I stack. I photograph. I organize the pieces into tiny cup-lets where I hide them away, under the table where I work. Days later, I pull them out again, I arrange, I add new pieces, I cut.... and I return them to their cups. I steal hours of time alone with them. Ten years have passed in this way.

This expanding cast of motley things possesses my sincerity, humor and heart. I've shown them here and there, as sculpture or in photographs, but mostly I've kept them for this meditative self practice.

I've been searching for a way to make this meditative practice relational, outside of myself. What could these treasures of my personal space and time mean to someone else? How does sharing this highly individual practice increase the possibility, the joy, and the centering that it already brings to me?

For you, I've prepared this selection. I've arranged and cut. I've glued and stacked. I've photographed.

For Davida no. 1

For Davida no. 2